Training & Support for Cameras, Computers & more...


15 years as a Professional Photographer in the UK, Germany and then Australia led to a great deal of practical knowledge relating not only to the use of cameras, but also the Windows PC, Apple Mac, and many of the devices which are now common in homes & businesses

Technology explained in simple terms

My experience and ability to explain complex techniques in simple ways led to the running of regular photographic training workshops. To date I have given over 300 workshops

Everyone needs help

The workshops led to a realisation that many need personalised one on one tuition and help choosing, using and understanding cameras, computers and much much more

Photographers and Consumers alike

ProCapture was originally created as a photographic business but has now evolved to provide tuition, support, training, setup and advice to anyone who wants to get more out of their technology
If you have any Questions or want to know more please contact me or Book Online

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