Not sure if we can help? We can!

Tuition and Support for your Digital Life
We have a range of services to suit you whether you are stuck setting up and understanding some new piece of technology or software

Straightforward Tuition for Advanced Software
Just because software is advanced it doesn't have to be difficult
We take you as far as you need to go and are there if you need support

Advanced tuition for basic software
Sometimes you just need basic software, we will help you know and work within it's limits

Photographic Mentoring
We are happy to be your back seat driver

We do the hard thinking
Struggling to setup your studio lighting, can't decide what lens to buy, stuck as to why your photos don't look as good as you think they should. We will make it clear

Personal Shopper
Something you need. We can advise, pick up and install

Movie Editing
Amazing results are possible with free software. We show you how and help you understand the terminology

Get to know your new toy
You've worked out how to turn it on. What next?

Pre-flight checks
Important task ahead?
Make sure you have the skills and equipment required before you jet off to photograph Polar Bears

IT Support
We provide something different to the typical IT service
If you need another email, your printer is not working or your network is slow, we can fix it for you, but we can also teach you how to handle these simple tasks

Colour Management
Learn to get consistent high quality printouts time after time

Geek Speak
It used to be difficult for us too, but now that we know the language we can translate your needs to your web designer and explain his technobabble to you

Website Support
Become confident with the tools that underpin your website so that you can more easily track and manage your SEO (that's a fancy way of talking about Google visibility), add pages, build sites, create new email addresses and more
Improve your relationship with your web guy, call him less and have more control over one of the most important aspects of your business

Ego Boost
Working as a photographer or just managing your holiday snaps both require confidence and understanding of both software and hardware tools. Our training and support will give you the confidence to push the envelope

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